Midnight Toast Home Bakery

Serving baked goods since January 2021, Midnight Toast is a licensed, private home bakery based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We update our menu on Wednesday, and all of our baked goods are freshly made on Sunday. We offer delivery services around Bloomington, Edina, and the University of Minnesota, Twin City area. We also have a pick-up location in Richfield. We hope to bring you a piece of bread or dessert that will warm your morning.

Our Products


Japanese style bread that's celebrated for its soft and airy texture. Every loaf is baked fresh on the day of sale with 100% sincerity and 0% additives. From a vast range of traditional as well as innovative flavors offered by Midnight Toast, one will surely capture your taste buds!  

Cake Rolls 
Cake Rolls 

Soft and spongy Swiss cake rolls fused with Japanese elements. These cake rolls are sonorously rich in flavor and delicate in texture. Midnight Toast's signature cake rolls are designed to be less sweet in taste, bringing the most authentic flavors out of our ingredients. 

Mini Midnights 
Mini Midnights 

Not ready to finish a whole loaf of toast? Our Mini Midnights series includes carefully crafted soft bread with various fillings. These pieces of bread might be small in size, but they do not lack any of Midnight Toast's 'goodies. Mini Midnights are also perfect for on-the-go snacks. 

; The Semicolon Project ;
With our world turning ever so slightly faster every day, it's important for us to take brief moments to rest and acknowledge the importance of self-care. Giving back to the community that supports us immensely, Midnight Toast is helping low-income communities to achieve self-care and maintain a healthy body by reducing inaccessibility to personal hygiene products.
As of today, we donated 70 boxes of tampons and pads to PeriodKitMN for the upcoming year. These supplies will be made into period kits for those in need!
Midnight Toast Bake Sales
Revenue from bake sales will go towards our Semicolon Project.
Thank you to every one who came!
08/11 WEDNESDAY: Our first bake sale is completed! We sold over 40 items and raised over $200. Below are some photos from our bake sale:

Find our interview on Kare 11 and City of Bloomington's YouTube:
We were very lucky to have a feature on Kare 11 and by the City of Bloomington for sharing the story behind our Semicolon Project and the bakery!

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Your baked goods will be baked fresh on Sunday morning. Your order will be ready for pick-up or delivery.

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E-mail: Midnighttoastmn@gmail.com
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