About Us
Who We Are:
Hello! We are a pair of sisters with polar opposite personalities but a common goal: sharing our baked goods with the community. We began operating our bakery in January 2021. While Irene is the ‘baker’ (in charge of recipes and the majority of the baking process), Megan devotes her time to product appearance, social media, and reaching out to the community. After experiencing several recipes, baking several versions of our products, hosting taste tests, and consulting other experienced bakers, we began selling our baked goods to U of students. Although we had some disputes over our initiative, we are still proud of our progress so far. We hope to expand our bakery in the future and reach out to more people in the community!
Aside from the bakery, Irene is involved in tennis and speech at school, and Megan participates in our school's Science Olympiad. Furthermore, we love to go on food adventures and try various restaurants and cuisines around the Twin-Cities.